How to Find Great Companionship During the Pandemic

The world of dating and companionship has changed dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic and the need to have some physical distance makes this a little complicated. Singles have actually started shunning physical meet-ups and are now looking at online apps to be able to see the other person.

This is actually quite in order, as you wouldn’t want to catch the coronavirus through someone you just met, or by ignoring the rules that have been set by the World Health Organization. It is wise to keep yourself safe at all times.


In this review, we tell you how you can actually find companionship and love even during the pandemic. What you need to do is approach it on a whole other level, and just go with the flow. Some things such as meeting up and getting intimate will simply have to wait if you haven’t met already.

How to Find Great Companionship During the Pandemic
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Do Video Calls Often

If you haven’t met your partner yet, or you have already met them but are in different locations, consider using video calls to keep in touch. Video calls ensure that you are able to see each other clearly, and you could even end up watching a show together while on the video call to keep the fire burning.

There are many ways to do a video call, and many apps you could use such as WhatsApp videos, messenger, Skype, etc. 


You Could Quarantine Together

If both of you have been tested and found to be negative for the virus, then you should consider quarantining together in order to spend time as a couple and simply bond with each other. 

Choose a good place that will ensure you are both comfortable and that you are safe from getting in contact with people who are infected with the disease. Now, this might not be a simple step to take, especially if you haven’t been going out for long. 

Ensure that you are both comfortable with the idea of living with each other so you can spend time together.


Write Each Other Letters

When was the last time you received a letter? Well, since you are under lockdown, why don’t you take the time to actually write your beloved a letter? Write love letters to each other, and make them long, so you can both enjoy thinking about one another.

Letter writing may be an old form of communication, but it still remains to be one of the most intimate ones. It feels really great when you receive a letter that you did not expect.

Check Out Dating Sites

Since most people are not going out, one of the quickest ways of finding companionship during these pandemic times is through dating sites. There is a high likelihood that you could meet your partner on the site and end up in a long-term and fulfilling relationship with each other.

Let’s face it, finding “the one” is already hard enough, now add up the fact that there is a pandemic, and this becomes downright impossible. What you need to do is embrace the new normal and just find ways of connecting with someone online.

How to Find Great Companionship During the Pandemic
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Now, simply because there is a pandemic, doesn’t mean that you should be alone through the whole process. Make use of the tips we have outlined above to help you connect with your partner, and even find one if you are single. All the best. 

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