Free WiFi: Discover These Great Ways to Find

If you’re looking to find free WiFi online, you’re in luck. There are a lot of ways to stay connected these days without having to spend a dime.

The internet is an important aspect of our lives today. You shouldn’t spend a lot, or anything at all, if you just know where you can connect to the internet for free.

Find free WiFi online with the tips and tricks mentioned in this article.

  • What Is a WiFi Hotspot?
  • Check Out Some Public WiFi Hotspots
  • Get a Portable Cellular Router From Your Service Provider
  • Get Free WiFi Through Government Initiatives
  • Try Using a Portable Router from FreedomPop
Free WiFi: Discover These Great Ways to Find
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What Is a WiFi Hotspot?

With all this talk about WiFi and WiFi hotspots, let’s learn first what the term is all about. A WiFi hotspot is a term that defines a place or location that allows you to connect to the internet through WiFi.

Free WiFi: Discover These Great Ways to Find
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If you leave the area and become out of range, you will not be able to use the internet unless you go back inside and receive the signal. It is important that you remain within the scope of the signal for you to continue to use WiFi or the internet.

There are two main types which are public and private WiFi. Public WiFi can be accessed in many public places like the library or the airport and is usually free to use.

Meanwhile, private WiFi can only be accessed when you have the password. This type of WiFi is mostly available in the office or at home.

Ask Your Neighbor

When you’re looking for free WiFi, the first thing that comes to mind will always be to see if your neighbor has WiFi. It might be too on the nose, but you can always ask your neighbor if you can connect to their WiFi for a while, especially if you’re doing something important.

Go ahead and try your luck with your neighbor and see if they give you the password. Just make sure that you also avoid sharing the WiFi password with others for some privacy. Once you’re done, you can tell your neighbor and thank them.

There are many perks to being friends with your neighbor, and asking for their WiFi password is just one of those. This is the reason why you should always be friendly or at least civil with your neighbors.

Check Out Some Public WiFi Hotspots

Many public WiFi hotspots are available for you to connect to the internet for free immediately. Most of the time, these are public areas such as the train station, the airport, or the library.

Free WiFi: Discover These Great Ways to Find
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These areas often give you immediate access to their WiFi as long as you turn on the WiFi option from your device. Some public areas also give free WiFi, but you will still need to register first such as coffee shops and malls.

They often require you to add either your phone number or want you to subscribe to their social media page first before you can use their WiFi. Make sure you follow their procedure to get your WiFi connection for free.

While they are free to access and use, some of these public WiFi hotspots are time-limited, so you might have to disconnect and reconnect to their WiFi to gain access again.

Stay Secured When You’re Using Public WiFi

Accessing the internet, especially if you’re using public WiFi, can be very dangerous. There are countless reports of identities and other personal information, such as bank accounts and social security numbers, being stolen.

All of this happens simply because they are not careful with how they use public WiFi. Public WiFi is open for everyone to use, which means other people who have ill intentions can use it to hack your device and steal your information.

Protect yourself by installing a VPN that hides your IP address or updates your device’s security system, making it difficult for hackers to enter your network. These are simple but effective ways to protect your device when using public WiFi.

Get a Portable Cellular Router From Your Service Provider

Speaking of service providers, some of them also offer a portable cellular router that works like a portable WiFi router.

Free WiFi: Discover These Great Ways to Find
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It uses the mobile data from your phone, and you can connect it to your laptop so you can use it for work or leisure.

There are also portable cellular routers that have a separate SIM card that you can use to connect to the internet, and you can make it your dedicated hotspot.

Download These Amazing Hotspot Database App

There is an increasing demand to stay online. Hence the need for free WiFi has become important. For this reason, there are a lot of developers that can help you search and find the best WiFi hotspots that are free.

WiFi apps like WifiMap, Wiman, Instabridge, Swift, and many more are just a few examples of apps that you can download to help you find the nearest WiFi hotspots.

Some even provide you with the passwords so you don’t have to ask for it or order anything from a shop just to connect to their WiFi.

Get Free WiFi Through Government Initiatives

If you cannot use WiFi because you cannot afford the monthly fees, you should seek out government initiatives that provide you with free WiFi for your home.

Free WiFi: Discover These Great Ways to Find
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Several programs provide people with free WiFi in their homes as long as they are eligible for it. Low-income families can seek the help of government initiatives like to provide them with fast internet.

There are only a few steps for you to qualify. At least one household member must be a recipient of any government federal aid program. You can then file an application and wait to be approved.

After that, you’ll receive your free WiFi without any deposit or installation fee. Take advantage of this option if you’re having a hard time with your income and you want to avail free WiFi for your family.

Connect Using Your Service Provider

Now, if you’re someone who can afford different things but wants to save on money, you can always try to connect to the internet using your service provider. Those who are subscribed to cable usually have bundles that offer WiFi or internet connections for free.

Make sure you check out these promos or bundles before purchasing services to save money. You may even call the company’s customer service and see if you can switch to that bundle to save money.

Most of the time, they are very willing to make the switch, and you can immediately benefit from the free WiFi. There are even promotions that cut the entire rate to half as long as you stay with them for the next few months. Be sure to stay updated by following them on their social media pages so you can avail these types of promotions.

Try Using a Portable Router from FreedomPop

Even if the options above are unavailable to you, there are still so many ways to get free WiFi if you’re willing to do some research.

Free WiFi: Discover These Great Ways to Find
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One available option for you is to use FreedomPop. FreedomPop gives you access to the internet without any monthly charges or subscriptions.

They provide you with a portable router that gives you access to the internet. All you need to do is pay a deposit covering the portable router, and you can use it anywhere you go. The portable router has a free data plan of around 500MB, which is already enough for emergency use.

The deposit will be refunded once you return the device. So, don’t worry too much about it if you return the portable router without any damage. It’s a quick and easy way to access the internet without burning a hole in your pocket.

Use Your Phone to Connect to the Internet

You might be one of those who do not have the budget for a monthly subscription to your internet, you can always use mobile data instead. Most service providers offer mobile data, which can also be used to connect your laptop to the internet through a hotspot.

All you need to do is to enable the hotspot from your mobile phone and set up a password. Enable the WiFi option on your laptop and locate your mobile hotspot. Type in the password, and you can now use it as if you’re connected to a router.

It’s a cheap alternative for those who do not want to spend more on a proper internet connection. The speed is also almost the same as connecting to the router, so you can use it when you want to work.


Having the internet is essential in today’s modern world. In fact, many of us use the internet so much that we experience eye strain from computer use.

For better or for worse, we rely on the internet in today’s world. So try out these neat tricks so you can stay connected to the internet without having to pay for it!

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