Learn How to Download TikTok Videos For Free

TikTok is perhaps one of the biggest video-sharing and social media crazes to grace the world. As a matter of fact, it has become something of a global sensation that it has amassed millions of users and quite a following.

With its large user base and influence, it cannot be denied that the videos being posted on TikTok have reached thousands, if not millions, of people around the globe. Downloading these clips allows users to enjoy these videos even when they are offline.

There are different ways that people can download TikTok videos, and one of the most efficient and accessible ways to do so is no other than using a dedicated app such as SnapTik. Get to know how this app works and what other features it brings to the table in this article.

  • What Is the SnapTik App?
  • Main Features of the SnapTik App
  • Downloading the SnapTik App
  • Get to Know How to Download TikTok Videos Using the App
  • How to Use the SnapTik App
Learn How to Download TikTok Videos For Free
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What Is the SnapTik App?

SnapTik is a mobile app developed by VP Travel, JSC. The app’s main purpose is to allow users to save videos on their respective devices from the popular TikTok app. There are, however, other features that this article will delve into later.

Learn How to Download TikTok Videos For Free
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This mobile app is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. It is free to use and download, but users of the app have the option to upgrade their user experience by upgrading to a Lifetime purchase plan that’s free of ads.

Users should be reminded that the app comes with a lot of ads, which is one of the ways that it functions without charging individuals a fee.

How the App Works

The SnapTik app allows fast downloads of TikTok videos without the watermark. This allows users and viewers of TikTok videos to do away with the sometimes pesky watermark that gets in the way.

To use the app, individuals just need to copy the video link and paste this into the app. Once this is done, the download of the video in question will automatically start. The videos will be saved on the person’s device, which they can access any time they wish.

Main Features of the SnapTik App

Besides the fast and efficient downloads of TikTok videos, SnapTik has a lot more to offer people. One of these is being able to bookmark favorite TikTok videos and other clips using its app so that users can go back to them whenever they wish. This is particularly helpful with tons of videos available on the Internet.

Learn How to Download TikTok Videos For Free
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Another feature that should not be missed is SnapTik’s ability to create playlists. This comes in handy when people want to organize their videos list and want to share it with other people as well. What’s more, individuals will be happy to know that they can bookmark profiles as well.

Of course, it goes without saying that the SnapTik app also allows individuals to not only view videos, especially trending ones, but also access some of the best trending sounds and music. This keeps users in the know and updated about the latest happenings in the field.

Other Features You Should Keep Your Eyes On

As mentioned, the highlight of the SnapTik app is that it streamlines a person’s capacity to download TikTok videos with ease. Its deep linking feature may just be the one to thank for that. Just one click allows the particular content to be opened directly, doing away with multiple windows or tabs that one would normally have.

High-definition video quality is preserved with SnapTik as well. In fact, users even get to choose the video quality they want to save their TikTok downloads, making it a win-win situation for everyone. This is easy enough even for beginners who are just starting to navigate the world of Tiktok.

Another definite winner when it comes to using SnapTik’s app is that it can download videos without the watermark. This gives users uninterrupted viewing pleasure that takes quality to a whole new level.

Downloading the SnapTik App

As previously mentioned, the SnapTik app is available on both Android and iOS devices. This can be downloaded either on the Google Play Store or on the App Store.

Learn How to Download TikTok Videos For Free
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To start the download, individuals only need to tap on ‘Install’ to proceed. Once the app has been successfully downloaded and installed, users may click on it or it will automatically open depending on their respective settings.

As of writing, the SnapTik app has received a rating of 4.6 stars across over 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, on the App Store, SnapTik has garnered a 3.8-star rating across 3,500 ratings from users who downloaded the app.

The app is free to use and download. However, it comes with in-app purchases that users may avail of to enhance their app usage and experience.

Some Specifications You Want to Consider

In order for the SnapTik app to fully work with the device in question, whether it be an Android or an Apple device, individuals should always take into account the specifications of the app and their device.

For iOS users, the app size is 24 megabytes, and it generally requires users to have an iOS 11.0 or later for it to function well. Apart from iPhones, this would also work with an iPad, iPod Touch, and a Mac or Macbook with an Apple M1 chip, provided that these fit the said specifications.

On the other hand, Android users must have an operating system that runs on Android 5.0 or higher.

Get to Know How to Download TikTok Videos Using the App

Once the SnapTik app has been downloaded and is up and running, using the app is simple. As a matter of fact, individuals won’t even be required to log in or create an account to start downloading TikTok videos.

Learn How to Download TikTok Videos For Free
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Instead, individuals will be directed to copy the TikTok video link they intend to download and paste this directly onto the SnapTik app. Afterward, the app will download the video without the watermark.

To give a clearer picture, SnapTik even has a dedicated tutorial for users. Those who have a TikTok app will be glad to know that tapping on the TikTok logo in the upper right-hand corner of the download page will bring users to their respective TikTok profiles.

Then, they can tap on the ‘Share’ button on the video they want to download. To proceed, users are directed to click on the ‘Copy link’ button and go back to the SnapTik app to paste the link in question. Tap on the ‘Get Video’ button, and the video will be saved. Users can then check saved videos under the ‘Saved’ tab.

Using Unlimited App Features

The premium version of the app gives users unlimited access to just about all the features in SnapTik. These include saving an unlimited amount of videos and profiles, bookmarking profiles, using the app without pesky ads, and unlocking new features.

The premium version, however, is not free of charge. It comes with a price that depends on a lifetime package or a one-week subscription. The price also depends on a person’s region.

How to Use the SnapTik App

Apart from downloading TikTok videos, users can also start bookmarking videos and profiles. They can browse through these saved profiles and videos later on. The profiles will show a person’s username on TikTok, their number of likes, their followers, and other necessary details.

Learn How to Download TikTok Videos For Free
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Users of the SnapTik app can also start making playlists for a more organized approach to enjoying TikTok videos and the like. To start, all they need to do is tap on ‘Add’ located in the upper left-hand corner of the app, and they will be asked to make a playlist name.

Upon adding a new playlist, a folder will pop up. Once users save and download TikTok videos, they can choose what folder or playlist they want to save that video in, making it easier to find.

Tips for Successfully Using SnapTik

One of the most helpful tips that can aid users in getting started with SnapTik is perhaps perusing the free tutorial on the app. This is located under the settings tab. Viewing this short yet detailed tutorial gives individuals a better grasp of how to download TikTok videos using this app.

Another tip that comes in handy when it comes to fully exploring and enjoying the full range of SnapTik features is to get a one-week subscription. It comes with a free three-day trial. While this may be a short time, this gives users the opportunity to fully inspect what SnapTik has to offer.

The Takeaway

SnapTik is a wonderful mobile app that allows users to download TikTok videos with ease. With this nifty tool at your fingertips, watching videos on the go and even when you are offline has now become much more accessible than ever. However, keep in mind that you need need to access WiFi or internet to use this app.



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