How to Overcome Overwhelming Sadness

Experiencing sadness at some point in your life is just normal. Many reasons trigger sadness; it could be the loss of someone, if you didn’t achieve what you are aiming for, if you are disappointed, stressed, etc. 

It’s important to acknowledge the feelings of sadness to prevent having depression. Even though sadness is just a normal emotion, it’s best to find ways on how to search for happiness. When you are sad, the more you think of negative thoughts, making it hard for you to see the silver lining.

People have different ways of how they deal with sadness. Here are some of the effective ways on how to deal with overwhelming sadness

How to Overcome Overwhelming Sadness
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Cry it Out

There is a lot of research suggesting that crying delivers a relaxing effect on the body. When you cry, the body releases a hormone, endorphin, which is the natural “feel-good” chemical in the body. 

If you are sad because of stress and trauma, crying is the best way to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Crying can also be mechanism by which you can communicate the pain you feel with other people, thus encouraging them to show support.


When you exercise, you tend to be more positive, energetic, and calm. If you think that you have a depressed mood, exercising might help to somehow change your disposition. Like crying, exercising also releases endorphins of the feel-good hormone to feel good about yourself. 

It’s not necessary to do rigid activities. Simple tasks such as walking, running, and other light activities can help divert your emotions.

Listen to Music

Listening to good music can easily uplift the mood. However, if you are sad, avoid listening to sad songs because it may just support your emotions and can even give you a heavy heart. 

Choose the kind of song that is lively because it can move away from your sadness. You may also listen to relaxing songs so you can have a peaceful mind.

More Tips to Overcome Sadness

How to Overcome Overwhelming Sadness
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1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

Studies show that those who repress their feelings of sadness tend to have intensified negative feelings. When you acknowledge the reason for your sadness, you can easily manage your feelings and move on. 

2. Find Pleasant Things to Do

You can divert the emotions that you are feeling by doing productive things that can make you busy and preoccupied. You can find a new hobby. You can find another source of happiness, something you enjoy doing that can help lessen or totally eliminate your sadness. 

3. Interact with Your Loved Ones

If you are not comfortable sharing your problems or the cause of your sadness even to your close friends, just being with them will help you overcome it. It is said that spending time with your loved ones naturally boosts the production of oxytocin or the cuddle or love hormone that can give you comfort. 

If you are sad, there are high chances to feel depressive symptoms if you just stay alone. So, find time to go out with friends to eat out, watch a movie, grab a coffee, etc. 


There are different ways on how to deal with overwhelming sadness. However, these tips wouldn’t be effective if you are not willing to help yourself. 

Sadness can be challenging to deal with, but with the right coping mechanism, you can find happiness out of it. Your goal in fighting for sadness is to ensure that it will not fall down to depression that may affect your lifestyle. 

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