5 Tips for Filling Out a Job Application

As part of the hiring process, your employer might ask you to complete an employment application. An application form standardizes the job application process. It summarizes your personal information and employment history.

In filling out a job application, it is expected that you are writing accurate information about yourself. Keep in mind that you are competing with other qualified applicants; that’s why it’s important to build an impression that stands out.

Filling out a job application may be a simple task for some because it’s just all about yourself, but the first mistakes are usually incurred just by answering a form. Read on to learn about some tips for filling out a job application

5 Tips for Filling Out a Job Application
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Read Over the Job Application

This is one of the essential steps in applying for a job, but it is often neglected. If you are filling out a job application online, employers usually use an applicant tracking system (ATS) that can filter job applications that do not include keywords related to the job. 

For example, if you are applying for a graphic designer, the job application must include the word “graphic designer” to not be eliminated. It’s important to personalize each application to give your employer an idea that you are interested in the job posting and not just randomly floating applications. 

Use a Professional Name and Email Address

Your application would look more professional if you made use of a professional email address. It’s ideal for generating an email based on your first and last name. The recruiter might find it off when your email address doesn’t sound professional. 

You can also create an email address for your work and another for your personal use, so you won’t be restricted in using any name you would like to use.

Follow the Instructions

In filling out an application form, it’s important to always follow instructions. There are some areas where you are required to write a paragraph or just answer a “yes” or “no”. 

Take some time to read and answer the questions to ensure that you don’t miss out on important points, especially when you are to answer in-depth questions. 

Respond to each question accurately because, in most cases, this will already be a part of your contract, so information needs to be consistent.

Fill Out the Application in its Entirety with Honesty

Being honest in giving out your personal information is a must. In writing your work history, make sure to complete the dates and the work performed. There shouldn’t be any item left unanswered. 

There are some possibilities that the important skills you have are not asked on the application form. So, don’t forget to inform the recruiter about it during the interview because it may add additional points to your application’s success. 

Review Before Submitting

5 Tips for Filling Out a Job Application

Before submitting the job application form, make sure that it is free of any errors. Check each item one by one to ensure that you have answered it according to what’s specified on the instructions. 

Check for any typographical errors because once you hit “submit”, you can no longer undo it. If you are filling out your job application with pen and paper, make sure to submit the paper in good condition.


A job application form that is filled out well gives your employer the impression that you have what it takes to be part of their team. These tips for filling out a job application are just simple, but effective ways of making your application stand out.

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