3 Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

One of the most important aspects of a business is the productivity of its employees. An employee tends to increase productivity if they are happy. Productivity means more quality work is done in a reduced amount of time.  

As an employee, it’s your obligation to ensure that you are being productive. However, it can’t be avoided that there are days when you lose motivation to work. When this happens, you’ll just have to find an effective way on how you to focus on work to increase productivity.

The way you can boost your productivity at work depends on your suitability. If you are having difficulty focusing at work, then read on to learn some effective tips to increase productivity at work

3 Tips to Increase Productivity at Work
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Eliminate All Distractions

One of the reasons why productivity is lessened is because of distractions. Nowadays, social media is known as a huge productivity killer. If you are using a computer at work, it would help to block certain sites in a certain period of time, so you won’t be tempted to browse them during work hours. 

Avoid using your mobile phone if you are doing something. The best thing to do is to just have small breaks in between to check your social media accounts and to relax a bit.

Some distractions in the office can’t be avoided like when there’s an emergency meeting, or when your colleague asks for assistance, etc. In cases like this, it’s best to find ways on how to handle interruptions without affecting productivity. 

You can also proactively inform your workmates that you are accomplishing a task and that’s why you wish not to be interrupted for a couple of hours.

Accomplish the Biggest Tasks When You’re Most Alert

A technique recommended to increase productivity is the “eat the frog” technique. This technique encourages you to prioritize the most undesirable tasks before accomplishing the easier ones. 

If the task is quite complicated, there is a tendency to push it aside and go over the ones that are easy to do. And, this is why by the time that you get them, you are now burned out.

Doing the most urgent and biggest tasks first will help you not to worry throughout the day because it holds the biggest consequence when you do no complete it. So, accomplishing it first will help you concentrate on your next tasks. 

To avoid skipping tasks that you have to do, create a to-do-list as you start the day or the night before. Organizing what you have to do will make it easier for you to do tasks in order to prioritize more complicated and urgent tasks. 

Stop Multi-Tasking

3 Tips to Increase Productivity at Work
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There is a notion that multi-tasking is a way to be productive. Productivity works in multi-tasking if you have to do household chores, but not for tasks when you have to analyze things. 

According to some research, multitasking is a productivity killer because it affects your focus. If you have your focus on one task at a time, you can easily finish it in a short period of time allowing you to accomplish more tasks. 

If you are multi-tasking, there is a higher chance of getting confused between tasks that may require more time to do it.


In every company, productivity increases the output of employees during work. If you own the company, it’s essential to ensure that being productive is one of the core values that you instill with your employees so as not to waste time and money.

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