5 Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree

In every home during the Christmas season, one of the centerpieces is the Christmas tree. Decorating your home during this season is one of the ways on how to feel the holiday spirit.

No matter how simple the decorations are, if you know how to put them in the right places, they will still stand out. The secret to an eye-catchy Christmas tree is the way how you mix and match the different ornaments and how you will put it into places. 

Decorating the Christmas tree may seem to be a simple task, but there are ways on how to make it simpler through the use of different techniques. Here are some tips for decorating a Christmas tree.

5 Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree
Image Source: Houstonia Mag

1. Invest in a High Quality Christmas Tree

It’s important to invest in a high-quality Christmas tree so you can reuse it every day. Choose a traditional tree rather than a trendy one because it does not go out of style. To make the tree fuller, fluff the branches one by one

Fluffing the branches is time-consuming, but it will look more natural and so you would know the overall area that you will be decorating. 

2. Pick a Theme

For the theme, there are different themes to choose from such as traditional, rustic, country, silver, gold or metallics, white, blue, and mixed color combination. If it’s your first time choosing for decoration, don’t be afraid to mix and match

Everything goes well whether the ornaments are in different shapes and colors.  Even if it’s just a combination of everything, it’s still a theme. 

However, if you prefer a professional-looking Christmas tree, that’s the time that you need to decide on a particular theme. 

Before buying the materials that you will use, make sure you already have some inspiration so you will have an idea of how you can decorate your tree. In some houses, the theme for the Christmas tree will be the theme for the overall house decorations. 

3. Divide Your Tree into Sections for Balance

To make sure that the decorations that you will be putting will be distributed properly, divide the section of your Christmas tree into three: top, middle, and bottom. 

You may also divide it into a quadrant if you have quite a large tree. Decorate starting on top working your way down. Dividing it into portions will ensure that there will be no similar decors that are near each other. 

5 Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree
Image Source: Popular Mechanics

4. Sort the Ornaments

Sort the decorative pieces by design, size, and colors. As a rule of thumb, the larger pieces go first since it takes up more space. Situate the large ornaments on the tip of the branches and toward the inner branches to create more depth. 

Fill in the spaces by adding the small pieces. The use of a Christmas light is optional depending on the overall design of your tree. If your tree is filled with so many decorative pieces, you may no longer opt for a Christmas light, but if your tree is just simple, adding in lights will upgrade its look. 

If you are adding in lights, make sure to add it in before adding ornaments because it will be difficult to place the light around if there are already pieces that are hanging in between.

5. Add Festive Finishing Touches

Finish the overall look of your Christmas tree by adding gifts on the bottom of the tree or a nativity set beside it. You may also add Santa Claus, deers, angels, or something that matches your style. 


Decorating a Christmas tree and other festive ornaments at home give your home a holiday ambiance. Some people have the notion that decorating their houses during the Christmas season is just an additional expense, but as long as you are creative and resourceful, you can create your own decorative piece without spending a penny.

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