3 Tips for Easy Snow Removal

The most frustrating thing about snow is the need to keep shoveling it in order to uncover the roads and make it safe to walk around. But, if you don’t need to do anything where the snow lies, then you could just leave it until springtime when it all melts away.

Of course, nobody ever leaves it. Snow must be removed and there are many ways of doing this. Removing it over winter is a time-consuming process that also needs someone strong enough to do it as often as needed.

In this review, we have come up with some tips for snow removal that you can use in your home to ensure that you are safe at all times, especially if you have to leave the house for different reasons. But before we look at that, here’s why you must shovel the snow.

3 Tips for Easy Snow Removal
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Reasons Why You Need to Shovel Snow in Winter

Here are a few reasons why this should be done frequently. 

To Avoid Falling

Falling in the snow is pretty common, and can be a dangerous accident with dire consequences, which is one of the reasons why you need to constantly shovel snow so you can have enough traction to walk on. If you don’t shovel it, it will be slippery to walk.

To Avoid Fines

In some cities, there is a law about shoveling the sidewalks and if you do not do so, then you could be fined.

As a Common Courtesy

You might be fine walking on a slippery walkway, but you are not the only one who has to walk on it, and as such, it is wise to just shovel it as a common courtesy.

Here Are 3 Tips for Easy Snow Removal

Put Some Cooking Oil on Your Shovel

Well, most people use the shovel to get rid of snow in the driveway, but one trick that you may not know about is using some cooking oil on the shovel. Lightly coating it with some non-stick oil will make the snow slide right off of it.

This will save you time while shoveling it. You can also substitute the oil with a spray lubricant but most are toxic, so just stick with the oil.

Lay a Tarp Before the Snow Fall

If you are looking for a shortcut, then this is a technique that has previously been called “The laziest way imaginable.” 

What you do is; on the day before the expected snowfall, take a tarp and lay it on the walkway. So, when the snow starts to fall, you just pull the tarp, and instantly the snow shall be cleared out of the walkway.

Be careful with this, however, that your guests or other pedestrians do not end up tripping on the tarp. Opt to include a sign or use it in the backward walkway to protect them.

Make Your Own Homemade De-icing Cocktail

De-icers actually make snow removal very easy, as they cut through the tough layers of ice which can be a pain to remove by use of a shovel. It is however an easy solution for you and your property, as the commercial de-icers can be pretty harsh.

Making your own de-icer means using some vinegar and rubbing alcohol. This shall also save you money as well. The commercial ones typically cost around $8 each or more. You shall also avoid the hassle of having to go to the hardware store when it’s snowing.

Using vinegar before the snowstorm shall also make the ice and snow easy to remove. Here’s the procedure for doing this

  • Mix 1 part water to 3 parts vinegar.
  • Pour or spray the mixture gently. You shall have to avoid running it off on your landscape. Do this before the snowstorm hits.

In order to keep the sidewalks and steps from getting ice after the storm, here’s what you should do

  • Combine 1 part water, and 2 parts rubbing alcohol.
  • Apply to minimize the runoff.
3 Tips for Easy Snow Removal
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Falling on your back in the snow is one of the most painful and most dangerous accidents to have in winter. Ensuring that your sidewalk is free of snow is one way of taking care of yourself as well as your family. We hope that our tips above will help you through this. All the best.

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