You Must Know These 7 Tips Before Starting Yoga: Guide for Beginners

At face value, yoga can be very daunting due to the complex positions and stretches that you need to do. Yoga is a very healthy way to move your body hence the reason why it is often popular in many countries all over the world. 

If you are interested in learning yoga but you're afraid that you might not be flexible or toned enough to do so, there are certain tips that you can do.


You must know these 7 tips before starting yoga through the guide for beginners as explained below.

You Must Know These 7 Tips Before Starting Yoga: Guide for Beginners
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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice that has existed for thousands of years. It is deeply rooted in Indian philosophy, where spiritual and physical practices meld. 

You Must Know These 7 Tips Before Starting Yoga: Guide for Beginners
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There are several different styles of yoga depending on the experience of the practitioner. 


Some are more physically intense, while others can be very soothing for the mind and body. 

Most yoga sessions consist of sequences of poses that incorporate proper deep breathing techniques.

Preparing for Your First Yoga Session

If you're brand new to yoga, you are more likely to have limited information on what to do or prepare. Beginners are highly recommended to get started by enrolling at a studio with an in-person instructor. 


This way, you get proper feedback on form, and the teacher can teach you the different poses. Yoga is often done barefoot, so you don't need to bring your shoes

Yoga pants are highly recommended, but you can also wear anything that you're comfortable with and allows you to move freely. Additionally, you should bring your own mat, water bottle, and towel for the session.

The Health Benefits of Yoga

There is a reason why yoga is very popular all over the world. 

You Must Know These 7 Tips Before Starting Yoga: Guide for Beginners
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The health benefits of practicing yoga are backed by scientific facts which makes it very suitable if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Check out the health benefits of yoga below.

Improved Flexibility, Muscle Tone, Balance, and Strength

Yoga helps improve your flexibility and balance especially if you practice yoga twice a week. 

The myriad of poses and positions that you need to do allows your body to stretch and become flexible, which also improves your strength and muscle tone.

Stress Relief

A lot of people often do yoga to relieve stress. 

The deep breathing exercises, alongside the practice of mindfulness and commitment to the body poses, help calm you down, especially during a stressful day. 

Studies have shown that people who practice yoga often have low levels of cortisol just after 90 minutes of yoga.

Increases Energy

When you do yoga, you can skip the morning coffee as it boosts your physical and mental energy all day. 

It keeps your energy levels on average throughout the day and, in the end, allows you to have better sleep. Thus, you wake up refreshed and ready to take on another day.

Tips Before Starting Yoga As a Beginner

We all know yoga is not very easy to achieve, especially the complex poses but we all have to start from the beginning. 

You Must Know These 7 Tips Before Starting Yoga: Guide for Beginners
Image Source: Yoga Journal

It can be difficult but with proper training and knowing a few tips before starting, you will surely achieve the health benefits of practicing yoga.

Find a Good Yoga Instructor

Learning yoga is much easier and more fun when you have a good yoga instructor. 

List down the things that you want to learn from yoga and inquire about certain studios. 

Check if they have experienced and qualified instructors before you sign up for the membership.

Respect Your Body's Limitations

Not everyone can bend and do the complex yoga poses almost immediately. 

If you are admittedly not flexible, respect your body's limitations and slowly adapt to the complexities of each pose. 

Do not push yourself to the limit when practicing yoga; otherwise, you will defeat the purpose of attaining a healthy mind and body.

Learn How to Breathe Properly

Breathing is an integral part of yoga. A good instructor will teach you how to breathe properly, but it also pays to learn how to breathe properly in the first place. 

Deep breathing allows for deeper harmony between the mind and body. When you learn how to breathe, you take control of your body and can achieve better results.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

While it is always recommended that you wear clothing that is appropriate for yoga, you should still wear what is comfortable for you. 

Just ensure you wear clothing with stretchable materials or those that do not restrict your movement.

Go at Your Own Pace

Many beginners often want to be as good as the next practitioner. While it is good to have a goal in mind, go at your own pace and avoid exerting yourself to exhaustion. 

Mastering the poses and many other yoga techniques takes some time. Take the time, and don't mind other people if you make mistakes. 

They, too, have gone through the same experience.

What to Avoid Before Yoga

You need to avoid certain things right before you do yoga. If you plan on doing yoga in the next few hours, avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, or any sugary drinks. 

Try to sip small amounts of water before you practice, as you might feel uncomfortable doing the techniques later on. 

Many instructors also advise not to eat at least one or two hours before the session.

Be Consistent

Even if you have the best and most talented instructor in the world, it will be all for nothing if you don't practice consistently. 

Yoga is all about proper regulation and being in tune with your mind and body. 

Proper and regular yoga sessions will help you adapt to the techniques easily and experience the health benefits faster.


Yoga can be done at home, at the studio, or even at your office if you have the time and space for it. Beginners are highly advised to respect their bodies' physical limitations and take some time off to recuperate. Follow the tips above to achieve a healthier lifestyle with yoga.

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