Say These Every Day - Positive Affirmations for Self Worth

Over time, we have accumulated unwanted thoughts about ourselves and other things such as our aspirations, how we predict our future, and how we picture our pasts. We become our own worst critics, and we talk to ourselves with a stern voice. 

If you are mindful of how your mind works and you want to flip things over and change your inner voice so as to manifest the positivity in your day to day lives, the power of affirmations can help you. 


Affirmations are positive phrases that you say to yourself over and over with the desired result in mind. Words can rewire our brain and how it works. Do you want to know more about positive affirmations? Check out this blog now! 

Say These Every Day - Positive Affirmations for Self Worth
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The power of our words to redirect our minds is called Neuroplasticity. Children do it all the time, it is in their nature, but it's challenging for us to change our thought patterns when we get older.

Neuroplasticity studies are linked precisely to the truth that our words can program our minds, our thoughts, and eventually, the effects of our thoughts to form reality in our lives. 


Through practice, you can get back kinder thoughts. Here are some phrases you can start with today. 

I Use Failures as My Stepping Stone 

Failures and setbacks are an opportunity to grow and learn as an adult. Every failure gives you another chance to step-back, organize your thoughts, and realize what you did wrong. 

If you think you have become worse, allow your mistakes to teach you a lesson, learn from them, and hone yourself into a better person. 


I am Getting Stronger Every Day

Surviving another day is already proof that you are stronger than yesterday. You are doing your best every single day. 

In reality, doing your best might look different each day, but you are doing what's best you could give right now, which makes you better and stronger than yesterday.

I Will Flip Another Chapter in My Life

You have the power to change the narration of your life. You, above all else, have the only ability to direct your storyline and flip another blank page for a fresh start. You can give yourself the chance to start over.

I am Good Enough

If rather than judgment and envy, you look at other people through the prism of kindness and empathy, you will see them better as human beings. They are wonderfully imperfect people who face the same fundamental struggles that we all face. 

And just like you, everyone else has flaws and all the beautiful things that make them unique. You are your version. You are good enough. 

I Will Speak With Confidence and Self-assurance

Manifest your inner truth and speak them dutifully. Stand-up straight and use your voice to express what you think is right and take hold of every spoken word like precious jewelry. You honor your words. 

My Confidence Knows No Limits

You get to decide what it is you want in life. You know what you want to do and how to do it. You are sure of the direction that you are heading in, and nothing can stop you now. 

I Inspire and Motivate Others

You are setting an excellent example for yourself and the people around you. You are spreading good intentions in your life, and it will reflect on your words and actions. You can motivate other people to do the same. 

Calmness Spreads through My Thoughts and Actions

You have the power to achieve the level of attunement that you need. Your actions are side by side with your thoughts; thinking and doing are in harmonious balance within you. Your thoughts and actions shall bring you peace. 

Say These Every Day - Positive Affirmations for Self Worth
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With the right mindset, we can easily steer our life in any direction we want to. It's not always easy, and it can take up a lot of energy, but to be mindful of everything we do takes practice and discipline. 

Our minds may go wandering around, steering us away from our goals, but we can always talk to ourselves, kindly, and bring back the fire that will ignite many possibilities in our lives. 

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