How to Lift Up and Inspire People That Are Struggling

Life can be compared to a roller-coaster ride, with its ups and downs and constant surprises! One moment you’re flying high and the next you’re back where you began and have to start all over! 

Perhaps you remember how shattered you felt after a heartbreak or how upset you were to lose that precious job! We cannot forget all those who helped get us out of the gloom! When others go through tough times it is our turn to pay back and pass on the love and inspiration. 


In this article, we look at ways to inspire and uplift others. For someone who is struggling, a caring friend can mean so much and even a small compliment can help get their confidence back.

How to Lift Up and Inspire People That Are Struggling

Here are some tried and tested ways to help out someone who is struggling in life. Some of these methods are even backed by science and solid research and are known to help boost one’s mood and morale. 

Be Present and Empathize

When a person is struggling, they can feel like they are alone in the world and no one will understand what they are going through. 


Just by being present with that person, you can be a source of comfort. Try to keep everything else aside and be with them in the moment! 

Sometimes all you have to do is offer a listening ear and empathize. You don’t even have to make any suggestions to that person. Just by speaking to you, the person will feel connected and supported.

Research shows that positive social relationships make us feel better and help in boosting our self-esteem.


Give a Well Deserved Compliment 

When someone is feeling low, the slightest compliment can make them feel good. You can talk about how well they have managed to handle such situations in the past. 

Remind them of their strengths, talents, positive attributes, and their success in many areas of life which weigh more than their present failure. This is sure to lighten up their spirits. When people are struggling in life, well-deserved compliments can increase their confidence to deal with the situation at hand. 

Help Them Get Out of Their ‘Zone’

Life’s struggles can cause us to brood and stay in bed without the motivation to get up and leave the house or even leave the room. Encourage the person to come out and take them for a walk in the garden, to the beach or park. 

Research has proved that spending time in nature and soaking in natural light can help uplift one’s mood and morale. You can also take them out for a healthy meal in a nice restaurant. 

Studies show that increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and raw vegetables can increase your happiness and lead to wholesome well-being.

Do Their Favorite Activity With them

We all have certain hobbies that make us happy and help us find inspiration. For some, it might be music, a good workout, dancing, art, meditation, yoga or even watching an inspirational film. When someone is in a low mood, encourage them to take part in the activities which are certain to leave them inspired.

How to Lift Up and Inspire People That Are Struggling

The Bottom Line

By being there for someone else, you will not only make them feel better, but you too will feel happy to be there for someone, in whichever small way possible. It is through true human connections that we are able to cope with the daily struggles of our lives, find inspiration and emerge as victors!

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