How to Cope With Jealousy in Relationships

Jealousy is an unhealthy thing that disturbs any relationship in no time. At the start, you don’t notice or care about jealousy. You consider it as a positive element. However, it is a slow poison that kills your relations eventually. 

In order to promote healthy relations, you must learn how to cope with jealousy. Once you learn it, you would be able to enjoy healthy intimate relationships without any worries. 

In this article, you can read about how jealousy affects your relations and how you can manage it. 

How to Cope With Jealousy in Relationships

How Jealousy Can Damage Your Relationship

Every partner requires care and love in a relationship. You should be loving and caring to take your relationship to another level. However, you draw a line between caring and overbearing or loving and over possessive. When your love is only a desire to possess someone, it is not love. 

Insecurity in a relationship leads to many issues. Possessiveness is one of the signs that indicate you are insecure about your relationship. When you doubt another person because of your negative feelings, you ultimately consume your relation with jealousy. 

At the start, you may not notice it, but jealousy will soon become out of control. Jealousy is not a problem in intimate relations but also in friendships

Remember, the more you try to be possessive about someone, the more they will try to become free. The effort to control your partner actually drives them away. 

How to Cope With Jealousy in Relationships

Jealousy grows like weeds, and you need to take care of it as early as possible. Once it grows out of control, it becomes difficult to take care of it and requires extra effort. You need to go step by step to cut jealousy in a relationship. 

1. Be Honest and Accept Jealousy

The first step in solving any problem is to accept the problem. Instead of believing that you are not jealous, you need to acknowledge it. It often feels like you care about the person. However, caring is an entirely different process than jealousy. 

Sit down and relax. Recall, how are you hurting the relation? Why do you feel insecure? It will be difficult at the start to accept the problems. But, remember that it’s the first step towards a healthy relationship

2. Treat Your Jealousy as a Solution

According to Psychology Today, you should take jealousy as a solution rather than a problem. Consider it an opportunity to expand your relationship rather than quitting it. Try to find out what the reason behind jealousy is? 

For instance, if your partner broke your trust, you need to address the breach of trust. If you are insecure, you need to address your insecurities to eliminate jealousy. Maybe you guys have an unhealthy competition that is causing the entire problem. 

Try to use the reverse engineering method to find out the problem and address it. 

3. Write Down Your Insecurities

The next step in cutting your jealousy is to make a list of your insecurities. Do you compare yourself to others? Are you insecure because of your perfectionism? Remember that you are not creating this list to shame you. 

Instead, you are making the list to identify the problem and promote a healthy relationship. 

4. Promote Self-confidence

Self-confidence is key to coping with jealousy in any relationship. A confident person never feels jealousy. Instead, they know how to handle the situation as they believe in themselves. 

If you are someone who compares yourself with popular persons, stop following them for a while. List all the things your partner loves about you. Give yourself some space and build self-confidence to cope with jealousy. 

5. Talk to Your Partner

Sometimes, you are not alone in creating the element of jealousy. If you are jealous, your partner may already know about it. 

Probably, they are also contributing to your jealousy through their unconscious actions. You need to sit down with them and accept the problem. They will be able to help in coping with it.

How to Cope With Jealousy in Relationships


Jealousy is a relationship killer. It reduces trust and respect between people, and the relationship becomes a burden rather than enjoyment and passion. 

Understanding jealousy and its effects are essential to solve this issue. If you try to follow the above-listed tips, you would be able to return joy in your relationships.

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