How to Combat Irrational Anger

When you are angry, the more that the body will release the hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which also triggers more stress. When there is a high concentration of these hormones in the body, the body temperature, blood pressure, and breathing rate may increase which poses health problems. 

The human body can’t withstand too much cortisol and adrenaline and that’s why doctors would recommend not to be angry all the time and avoid stress because it is the number 1 factor for why these hormones are released. 


It's good to take care of your emotional and mental health, so it does not have a negative impact on your physical health. Read on to learn about some of the effective tips on how to combat irrational anger.

How to Combat Irrational Anger
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On Anger

Pain in the back or head, high blood pressure, sleeping problems, indigestion, impaired immune system, skin orders; these are all the common health problems that you may encounter if you have anger problems.

When the body is exposed to hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline too often or for a long period of time, it will eventually make you sick. 


Think Before You Speak

If you are angry, it’s easy to say extreme words that can hurt others that you'll regret saying later. Before saying something in an argument, collect your thoughts. It’s ideal for counting 1-20 seconds in your head before reacting to the situation that you're in. 

Once You're Calm, Express Your Anger

Expressing anger doesn’t mean that it needs to be violent. It is not advisable to express anger while you are still frustrated because there are higher chances to inflict harm to other people. 

Once you are calm and can think clearly, express your anger through thoughts in a calm manner. Speak to that person and tell them the reason why you are angry. 


Get Some Exercise

Engaging yourself through exercise and other physical activities is a great way to reduce stress and to keep you calm in stressful situations. 

If you love what you are doing, you are helping yourself release more endorphins, which is a hormone that induces the feeling of euphoria. Exercising is also a way to be healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Don’t Hold a Grudge

If you are angry with a particular person, it’s important to communicate with them to clear out issues. If your anger at someone is unresolved, you can never let go of the anger that’s deep inside you. 

Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can remove all the hatred in your heart. However, don’t force yourself to forgive someone if you are not yet ready. It takes time to let go of grudges. 

Speak to a Professional

How to Combat Irrational Anger
Image Source: Medical News Today

If you just can’t combat irrational anger and you have tried some ways to help yourself, but it seems like nothing works, then it may be time to seek professional help. 

Psychologists can help you pinpoint the reasons for why you frequently feel irrational anger and they can give you tips on how to focus more on positive emotions rather than being angry all the time. 

It’s your responsibility to know if you need to seek help from professionals based on what you feel and how your actions deal with it.


Anger may be a natural emotional response, but exposing yourself too much to it provides a negative impact on the body and on the overall well-being of a person. 

Make sure not to dwell on so much hatred and always find effective ways of coping. There are simple ways on how you can help yourself without exerting too much effort.

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