Check Out these Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

During the holiday season, thinking of Christmas presents to give your family and friends is one of the most time consuming because you want to ensure that what you will give them is extra special. If you are in search of a holiday gift that is less stressful to think about but is unique and personalized, giving a holiday gift basket is a perfect idea. 

It’s a sweet way of letting someone know that you made the effort to put each item together, especially when all their favorites are in one basket. There is a pre-made gift basket in the market, but there are consumers that don’t like some of its content. For a personalized basket idea, it’s better to do a DIY holiday basket. 


Creating your own gift basket lets you save money because you have the freedom to choose products that are reasonable but of high quality. What’s good about giving gift baskets is that it’s suitable for everyone. You can mix and match different items depending on what you think the person who will receive them prefers. Here are some of the gift basket ideas that you can try this holiday season.

Check Out these Holiday Gift Basket Ideas
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1. Sunshine Gift Basket

Most gift baskets base the theme on what’s included on the package such as food, utensils, home essentials, etc. Create a unique gift basket by choosing items to be included by color. The sunshine gift basket is in the color yellow. 

The items that you will be choosing will depend on the person who will receive them. You may include foods, drinks, beauty essentials, and other useful things as long as they are yellow.  This color stands out and it gives a positive aura. If you are not into yellow, you may also use the favorite color of your loved one as your theme. 


2. Coffee Lover Gift Basket

If your loved one loves coffee, any item related to it would surely be meaningful to them. Give them a coffee gift basket to ensure that it will be consumed. 

Aside from including different flavors of coffee, you may also include flavored syrup, tea, chocolate, a mug, tumbler, cookies, etc. Don’t forget to include a sweet message in a card to let them know that you are sending their favorites. 

There are coffee lovers who are particular about the brand names and the flavor of their coffee that’s why when you have decided to give your loved ones a coffee gift basket, take into consideration what brand are they using the whole time. 


It is also important to make sure not to include perishable items, especially if you know that they will not consume them immediately. 

3. School Supplies Gift Basket

This holiday gift basket is useful for those who are still students and it can also be a great gift for teachers. For students, you may include a scrapbook, notebook, sketchpad, ballpen, pencil, color pens, scissors, etc. 

For a teacher, you may include a planner, writing materials, markers, chalk, clips, etc. You can surely include a lot of items since most school supplies are budget-friendly. 

Check Out these Holiday Gift Basket Ideas
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4. Pasta Gift Basket

This holiday gift basket is a perfect present for those who love to cook. You may include pasta, a jar of pasta sauce, ingredients for garlic bread, a jar of olives, any kind of cheese, and wine. You may also add a cookbook or other utensils such as a serving spoon or serving fork. You may also add a few ingredients for different pasta dishes. 

5. Chocolate Gift Basket

If you have a family or friend that has a sweet tooth, giving them a chocolate gift basket will surely satisfy their cravings. Include different kinds of chocolates in different sizes, chocolate drinks, choco biscuits, and other food products in chocolate flavor. What’s good about giving a chocolate gift basket is that it’s ideal whether you are giving it to a child, teen, or adult. 


Holiday gift baskets don’t need to be expensive. As they say, it’s the thought that counts. For your loved ones to feel that you make effort in completing the items on the basket, it’s ideal to make your DIY gift basket so you can also carefully choose which theme to use for a particular person. 

So, if you want to give presents that have a personal touch, go ahead and make a list of the items that you will include in your holiday gift basket. To make your present more special, you may also add a holiday card with your greetings for them.

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