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Check Out These 5 Tips for Remote Teams

Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that are into working remotely or work from home due to the pandemic. If you are the employer, you might have some worries, especially when it comes to the productivity of your employees. 

Good thing, there are operational responses that can be done to make sure that both employers and employees are productive and engaging for business continuity. There are challenges for working remotely, one of which is building personal connections with each other.


With the advancement of technology, there are the best tools for communications and remote monitoring to ensure that everyone in the company is looped in. Read on to learn some helpful tips for remote teams to have a good working experience.

Check Out These 5 Tips for Remote Teams
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Equip Employees with Technology

To make the remote working experience to be successful, it is important to ensure that all employees are equipped with necessary working technology, such as computers and internet connections. 

Consider the fact that not all employees are technologically savvy, and that is why you may need to conduct training to ensure that no one will have problems navigating the new platform. Don’t assume that all are knowledgeable on how to operate technological items.


Take Advantage of Technology

The use of digital media in a remote work setup is helpful in sustaining the workflow of the company. Take advantage of it for communication and monitoring purposes. 

Tools such as zoom, google hangouts, slack, asana, and other task management tools help in ensuring that the productivity of your employees is sustained. You may ask the team about their opinion of what’s the most suitable and comfortable task management tool for them. 

Choose the Right Communication Style

In working remotely, different communication styles can be utilized. It could either be through email, chat programs, video chat, or through various project management tools


Virtual communications can be a challenge that is why it is essential to choose the right communication style that will suit the kind of business agenda that you have. 

You may conduct a virtual video call for your team meeting or just opt for chat messaging to know how everyone is doing. Communication in a remote work set-up is important because this is the only way where you and your team connect. 

Focus on Outputs

In the remote work setup, it’s quite hard to monitor if everyone in the team follows the process to accomplish daily tasks. If you are the employer, you should be flexible in giving your employees the freedom to find ways on how they can be productive in their own space.

Working at home is confronted with a lot of distractions, especially that they are not being monitored personally. You may instill in your employees the importance of productivity by letting them submit a daily monitoring report where they’ll input the things that they have accomplished for the day. 

Stick to a Routine

Check Out These 5 Tips for Remote Teams
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If you and your teamwork in different time zones, it’s important to always set a schedule where to do meetings, collaborations, etc. to avoid chaos when it comes to scheduling. 

Getting each other’s availability is quite difficult if you work remotely unless the communication lines of all employees are all open anytime. Assist employees to be used to meetings and other agendas to ensure that productivity for the day is not sacrificed.


Transitioning from office work to a remote work setup is confronted with a lot of challenges. However, through the advancement of technology and digital media, it is still possible to ensure the company’s productivity and efficiency. These tips for remote teams help to have a smooth workflow.