5 Signs Couples Therapy Could Help a Relationship

When couples pursue therapy, it demonstrates a significant phase in the couple's relationship for them to address their issues instead of terminating it. 

With over 50 percent of first marriages resulting in divorce, finding therapy first is a smart idea for any struggling couple. 


If you're not sure that the partnership has reached the point that you both need a little outside assistance, there are a few circumstances that experts say you can look for. These are some of the most prominent reasons for pursuing therapy.

5 Signs Couples Therapy Could Help a Relationship
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When is the Right Time?

The dilemma is: How do you know it's time to quit attempting on your own to sort through all your issues and set up a therapy appointment?

There is no "wrong" time to do so because, when you realize that your relationship's future is compromised, there is nothing wrong with having a professional helping hand. It's all about what feels right for you. 


There are certain conditions under which it is possible for a neutral party to make or break a couple. So it is necessary to consider whether your relationship is going down a wrong path before it is too late, and you are past the point of no return.

Why is it Important?

Relationships involve the expenditure of time, resources, and devotion. In most situations, couples can solve problems without professional support. In some instances however, couples may require professional help to give them a different viewpoint on their issues and help them work together. 

Research into the variables associated with effective therapy or counseling outcomes shows that essential factors in successful treatment outcomes are the working bond between the therapist and clients and the clients' desire and dedication to improve. 


Even the most professional and devoted therapist is profoundly challenged to assist them when couples have waited so long and determined that they no longer want to spend time and energy sustaining the relationship.

Negative Communication is Happening 

It can be challenging for couples to start positive contact again on their own when contacting either ceases or devolves in a marriage. Popular reasons for going to a marriage counselor's office are phrases that leave the other person feeling anxious, depressed, or withdrawn

Counselors emphasize the value of the quality of communication in counseling. Couples discover that it may be more important how something is expressed than the chosen words themselves. Abusive language is especially discouraged. Couples that actually do not talk are going to learn how to connect again.

Cheating Happened 

An affair is more than enough in certain circumstances to end a marriage or any relationship. Some couples, though, continue to work after it. Counseling is a must when they do. To get through an affair, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. 

It requires determination, building morale, and the drive to move forward together. In this case, couples who have kids together will enormously benefit from therapy. In certain situations, counseling can also lead couples to discover that moving on is safer for them than remaining together.

The Same Problem Resurfaces

Do you find that your everyday life's pace is changing to feel more conflict-oriented? Perhaps they're just "small" arguments, or maybe the blowouts are gigantic and leave a lot of drama in their wake. 

Maybe it's a blip on the phone, with one of you personally going through something challenging. But it may also mean a dangerous road towards perpetual arguing. More specifically, it could suggest major under-the-surface concerns that are not really being addressed.

Harmful and Hurtful Behaviors

Couples can hurt one another out of spite. Because of anything from an affair to a difference in revenue, one spouse may treat the other with spite. Typically, the explanation boils down to some sort of injustice. 

Women who complete the housework but expect their husbands to help may become spiteful of them, and men who believe they do much of the housework may feel spiteful of their wives. 

If the acts of each partner are typically done with the intention of causing one pain, envy, or other negative emotions to the other, it requires behavioral improvements and communication to solve these problems.

5 Signs Couples Therapy Could Help a Relationship
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There are also more concrete explanations for why couples are pursuing therapy. Relationship counselors who think creatively can make people happy and save families from being destroyed and can help couples retain a willingness to fix their issues.

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